How to Make Changes to Your MCAT Registration

How to Make Changes to Your MCAT Registration

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When you choose an MCAT test date, pay the registration fees, and complete your MCAT registration, you never figure that you may have to make a change. However, when it comes to your MCAT registration, you can certainly make changes if life doesn't work out according to your carefully made plans.

Read on for ways to change your test center, change your test date or time, or cancel your MCAT registration.

Change Your MCAT Test Center, Test Time or Test Date

Shifting your test center or registering for a different test date or time isn't really all that difficult, providing there is space at the new center where you'd like to test and availability on the dates you've provided. And there are benefits to changing multiple things at once if you need to change your test center and test date, for instance. If you change them separately, you'll be charged a rescheduling fee twice. Change them together and you'll only be charged once.

There are a few caveats, though:

  • You must make a change prior to the Silver Zone registration deadline for the exam for which you're currently registered.
  • You can't change your test date before registration has opened for the new exam date as no special permissions or privileges are granted in registration order to previously registered testers.
  • Rescheduling into an exam date that is within the Bronze Zone will cost you an additional $50. This fee is the difference between the initial Silver Zone registration fee ($275) and the initial Bronze Zone registration fee ($325).

Cancel Your MCAT Registration

Let's say you're called away on military duty. Or, heaven forbid, there's a death in your immediate family. Or, you've decided that you don't want to take the MCAT on your registered date and you're not sure when (or if!) you'd like to register again. What can you do?

If there's no emergency-you'd just like to cancel for your own personal reasons-then here are the details:

  • You must cancel before the end of the Gold Zone registration deadline in order to receive a partial refund-$135 for standard testers and $50 for FAP recipients.
  • If you cancel after the Gold Zone registration deadline, you will not receive a refund at all! So you'd better make sure you'd really like to cancel.
  • If you decide to register for a new test date in the same calendar year in which you've canceled, then you'll have to pay the entire registration fee again, along with a rescheduling fee, which is nonrefundable.

If you've experienced a crisis like being hospitalized or having a death in the family OR you're called away on military duty or to help medically in a catastrophic event, then you can receive a maximum of $135 no matter when the cancellation occurs. If you're a FAP recipient, you'll receive a $50 cancellation reimbursement.

You'll need to contact the MCAT Resource Center either by phone (202) 828-0690 or by email at [email protected] for instructions regarding canceling during a crisis. Please note that you'll be required to provide either military papers explaining the dates of your deployment and length of service, a funeral program or death certificate, or medical documentation explaining the duration of your hospital stay.

Make an MCAT Registration Change Here

If you've decided you need to change your MCAT registration for any reason, you can log into the MCAT Scheduling and Registration System to make the necessary adjustments to your testing experience.